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Welcome! Hanna Klunder - Sculptures in Stone, Wood and Bronze  

Personal note      

"I usually work with stone or bronze. Working with stone causes other difficulties than working with clay or wax. It is what I prefer. I try to find a balance between form and content; the solid nature of the cold stone versus the fragility of life ..
We live in a rapid, busy, hectic and volatile time. This is often reflected by art forms like video art, digital photography and by materials such as plastic, polystyrene, and polyester.
It shows that nothing is of lasting value. That is why working with ancient, antique materials appeals so much to me. The peace, the silence ..
I admire modern works of art in museums, but I also enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of the old masters of Western art, of the temples in Egypt, Mexico and Peru and of the ancient Asian works.. It inspires me while at the same time I recognize that we all, including myself, are influenced by the fast times we live in.."

Sfinx; Belgian Hardstone; ca. 65 cm

Education & Experience   .4

KLOS, MO Education


Drawing, Craftmanship, Creative craftmanship


Saturday workshops in Haarlem   

1990 - present

Free artist, workshop Spaarnwoude

1997 - present

Working with stone at Joost Barbiers

1992 - 1997

Working with bronze and modeling with models at Benzi Mazlia

1982 - 1992

Model drawing at ‘Buenoclub’ (Max Bueno de Mesquita)

1982 - 2008

    Mushroom; Portuguese Marble; ca. 30 cm  [sold] 

Works in possesion of   `


    Selena; Portuguese Marble; ca. 40 cm  [sold] 

Exhibitions   Ÿ

Gallery Jan Steen



Gallery ABC Treehouse



Kloostergangen, City Hall


2003, '05, '07, '09

De Boogaard



De Kolk



De Oude Kerk (Old Church)



Embrace II; Dolomite; ca. 30 cm  [sold] 

Contact information    œ

address B

Maerten van Heemskerckstr. 15

zip code -

2021 ZE ¦ Haarlem

phone (

+31 (0) 23 5262 037


+31 (0) 6 4988 2635

e-mail *


Upwards; Belgian Hardstone; ca. 60cm

Embrace III; Dolomite; ca. 50 cm

Torso; Serpentine; ca. 20 cm [sold] 

Torso; French Limestone; ca. 60 cm

Hair; Black Albast; ca. 30 cm [sold]

Together; Serpentine; ca. 20 cm [sold] 

Muslim women; Belgian Hardstone; ca. 40 cm

Selfportrait; Belgian Hardstone; ca. 30 cm [sold] 

Head; Dolomite; ca. 20 cm [sold] 

Embrace; Belgian Hardstone; ca. 70 cm 

Laying ; Marble; ca. 30 cm [sold] 

Solitude ;Belgian Hardstone; ca. 60 cm [sold] 

Fruit; Dolomite; ca. 60 cm [sold] 

Organic shape; Serpentine; ca. 30 cm [sold] 

Girl; Marble and Belgian Hardstone; ca 25 cm

In The Sun; Springstone; ca 35 cm [sold]

Child; Soapstone; ca. 30 cm [sold] 

Button; Marble; ca. 30 cm [sold] 

On My Toes; Wood; ca 100 cm

Laying II; Belgian Hardstone; ca 30 cm

Woman; Belgian Hardstone; ca 50 cm [sold] 

Sea Woman; Marble ; ca. 25 cm [sold] 

Dream; Alabaster ; ca. 40 cm [sold] 

Embrace III; Marble; ca 40 cm

See My Flower; Belgian Hardstone; ca.40 cm [sold] 

King & Queen; Belgian Hardstone; ca 60 cm

Bird; Bronze ; ca. 25 cm

Dance; Bronze ; ca. 25 cm

Cheese; French Limestone; ca. 25 cm

Sitting; Marble ; ca. 40 cm

Man; Bronze ; ca. 40 cm

Torso; Belgian Hardstone; ca. 60 cm

Dream II; Bronze ; ca. 20 cm

Turkish Bread Boy; Bronze ; ca. 20 cm

La Reve (Dream); Ceramics; ca. 15cm